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Early Years Programme at J. Kumar International School (EYP) has the objective of preparing children towards formal schooling by providing a strong foundation of skills, attitude and values.


The focus of the Early Years curriculum is to target optimum support to the children to attain their age-appropriate developmental milestones and to bloom holistically in all domains. The overall development of various skills such as physical, emotional, social, as well as cognitive is catered to through a rich curriculum that is constantly upgraded through extensive research in the field of education.


At J. Kumar International School (EYP), it is our earnest attempt to balance academic readiness with rich value-based learning. To support optimum learning within the classroom, the content and the teaching – learning programme is planned in an enjoyable and a fun-loving manner interspersed with games, hands-on activities, story – telling sessions, dramatizations, puppet shows, field trips, topic-related special days as well as celebrating some special days where parental involvement adds a new dimension to learning. To effectively achieve all this, we have a manageable teacher : students ratio of 1:13. Maximum strength of a class is restricted to 26 students with minimum of 2 teachers per class.


The assessments at the EYP level are regular on-going observations along with periodic informal analysis of the child’s development in all the domains as mentioned above. The children are also assessed on the development of their readiness skills in writing, reading and pre-math along with cognitive, speaking and listening skills, etc. periodically, following which parent-teacher meet is conducted to share the observation and feedback with the parents. Children are not burdened with any tests or examinations to conduct these assessments, as they are conducted at leisure just as any other class worksheet would be solved or in the form of a game.

Thus the primary goal of the Early Years Programme is to allow children to enjoy the schooling experience in its entirety, thereby preparing a child to look forward to formal years of the Primary Programme.