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'A' Level (Grades XI & XII)

At Bilasrai Kashinath Gadia (A Level) Junior College, our endeavour is to provide children with an educational experience that encourages a culture of excellence and an appreciation of values, in an environment that fosters the joy of learning. We constantly strive to achieve this by following the best practices in education and on the strength of a dedicated team of faculty.

The General Certificate Examination Advance Level (GCE 'A' level) Exams are offered by University of Cambridge International Examination (UCIE). The content of International AS and 'A' Levels is carefully devised to suit the wide variety of Cambridge schools worldwide and avoid any cultural bias. The structure and administration of Cambridge International AS and 'A' Level are also designed to meet the needs of Indian schools and learners. Our students give strong foothold when they enter into Graduate courses.


Eligibility for entry into "A" level is based on the student's date of birth and clearing of all the papers in the board--I.G.C.S.E / I.C.S.E appeared.

Subjects Offered at 'A' Level

English is a compulsory subject. Besides, a student will have to take up any Three subjects either from Science, Commerce or Humanities stream.

Following are the subjects as per different stream offered in our college.

Sr. No. Science Commerce Humanities
1 English (Compulsory) English (Compulsory) English (Compulsory)
2 Biology Business Studies Business Studies
3 Physics Economics Economics
4 Chemistry Accounts Sociology
5 Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
6 Computer Science/Psychology Computer Science/Psychology Computer Science/Psychology
7 French/Art & Design French/Art & Design French/Art & Design

If a student chooses the Science stream, then he/she has the option to choose two subjects from the Science group and the third subject as Math.

This is just an option and if the student wants, he/she can take all 3 science or 3 commerce or 3 Humanities subjects Math is an optional subject

Thus, each student will be taking 4 subjects

Assessments for AS level:

Formative Assessment Continuous assessment programme June to April
Unit I September
Unit II December
Unit III April
AS LEVEL CIE Board Exam May-June

Assessments for A2 level:

Formative Assessments Continuous assessment programme June to October
Unit I August
Unit II October
A LEVEL CIE Board Exam October- November

Global Recognition:

The Cambridge 'A' level qualification is recognized by universities and education providers across the globe. After successful completion of 'A' level course, the students can appear for any of the competitive entrance exam including IIT-JEE, PMT and CET. They are eligible for admission to all degree courses of Mumbai University.