From The Desk Of Shri Kashinath Gadia

Education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world.”

- Nelson Mandela

In the present borderless information society, education needs to respond to the demands of a rapidly globalizing world. The challenges in times ahead would be even greater. It is the responsibility of educational institutions to equip their students with requisite traits to successfully cope up with coming challenges of personal and professional life.

This can be done by raising awareness of the environment, peace, cultural and social diversity, increased competitiveness, and the concept of the global village. Such education is the requirement of the knowledge or information society. Education prepares the individual to connect - and live in harmony - with the environment around him. Globalization has changed the size, nature and quality of that environment. The challenge for higher education, therefore, is to reform, create and develop systems that prepare the individual to work in borderless economy and live in a global society hence, the educational institutions need to produce global citizens.

"At the intellect we recognise this role and that’s why it's not just scholastic achievement that is pivotal to us, we also focus on ‘character building’ of our students. Knowledge, ability, competence, adaptability and flexibility, cooperativeness, patience, tolerance, creativity, innovativeness, a futuristic outlook, an energetic and dynamic approach, motivation and commitment in building a career is what B. K. Gadia ‘A’ Level Junior College aspires to be.

As the students fly like birds after finishing their college education, I wish them the entire sky to explore. I hope they will apply and implement their learning to make human race proud of their teachings and their value system.