Distance Learning Course in E.C.C.Ed.

Early Childhood Care And Education [E.C.C.Ed.]

―Education gives us wings, to fly, to defy gravity, to reach the sky……It gives courage to dream, insight to see beyond the horizon, read beyond the words, battle ignorance with wits, shun violence and rise stronger after each fall".

Distance Learning is the education of the 21st century. The traditional method of teaching in a classroom called ―brick and mortar‖ education has failed to reach millions of those who are thirsty for getting knowledge in an age marked by the ―Knowledge Revolution‖.

Distance Learning fulfills this need. D.G.K.I.S - Professional Programme Development, is a centre of excellence offering quality education.

The objective of D.G.K.I.S — Professional Development Programme is to promote, advance and disseminate knowledge through the open and distance learning system, in order to p rov ide education, skill development and long life learning opportunities to all segments of the population from India and other countries, thereby enabling development and growth of individuals, society and community at large.

Course Benefits :

Trainees who have taken the advantage of our training have been successfully able to set up their own school and also working in prestigious schools outside Mumbai.

Eligibility Criteria:

The prospective candidate should have completed minimum 12 years of schooling or a higher qualification from a recog-nized board / University.

There is no upper age limit prescribed, but preferential age of prospective candidates would be below 40 years of age.

No previous teaching experience is required. Candidates need to be reasonably comfortable with the use of electronic medium. Candidates need to be proficient in written English. Prospective candidates need to be confident that they can meet the performance, skills and knowledge requirements as set out in the syllabus and assignment guidelines.

Course Component :

The course has two components that are crucial for successful completion of the course -

  • Theory
  • Practical & Assignment.

There are theory modules for each area of child growth and progress.

The practical and assignment module would entail observation, assistance and teaching children of different age groups in our school and other schools.

The course is carefully designed in a way that both theory is intricately interlinked with practicals & assignments. It is necessary that the course is completed as a whole.

Theory Component :
Workshop in Child Development
Workshop in Learning Difficulties
Workshop in Curriculum Planning
Workshop in Preschool Administration and organization
Workshop in Creative techniques
Workshop in Teaching aids
Practical and Assignments :
Project Work
Creative Techniques Journal
Teaching Aid Journal
Music File
Case Study

Assessment :

Final examination will be taken at the end of the programme in an open book format.


Trainees will receive a certificate for successfully completing the course.