Extra Curricular Activities

Sports and Performing Arts (SPA)

SPA is an essential part of the curriculum and we offer a range of indoor and outdoor activities for the development of the child.

Sports activities such as Karate, Gymnastics and Athletics are incorporated with an aim of building a strong body and a sturdy mind helping children to increase their focus and concentration. Our own playground in the school premises is used by the students for all outdoor sports. The school provides trained physical training instructors and coaches who train the students in specific sports depending upon their abilities and interest so as to prepare them for interschool competitions.

Performing Arts comprise of Music, Dance and Speech and Drama.
In music children are trained in vocals with Semi-classical, Bhajans, Patriotic songs and Shlokas.
The children receive training in various forms of dancing like aerobics,Semi-classical, Contemporary and Bollywood styles of dancing conducted by specialized dance instructors. Speech and Drama is taught to train children in effective Voice modulation,Expressions, Stage presence, etc. and to instill appropriate body language.


It is a one year special English training programme for children, from grade II to grade VIII. It is affiliated to Trinity College of London. This programme helps in the all round development of the child preparing the child for future challenges and competitions. Fluency in English language helps to enhance confidence and better a child’s self-esteem by mastering over skills.


Aims and Objectives of CAS : To Provide a challenge in the three areas -creativity, action, service. To provide opportunities for service. To challenge and extend the individual by developing a sprit of discovery, self– reliance and responsibility. To encourage the development of the student’s individual skills and interests.
The school has tied up with Trinayani and Hearing Impaired school for the students hands on experience.

Support Programme

It is a programme devised as an additional help in English, Math and Science for the PYS and MYS level after the school hours. The children are selected by the teachers. It helps to bridge the gap by bringing children at par and to cope up with the integrated curriculum.