Learning Difficulties [L.D.]


Our LD-Awareness Programme is an initiative towards reaching out to more and more students in need. Looking at the rate at which the needs of today's learners are increasing, it is an arduous task for a team of few professionals to reach out to the huge numbers. Thus came about the inspiration to start a professional training program to train the parents and teachers of these students.

The course provides knowledge of child development, types of learning difficulties and the intervention require for it. The practical aspect of the course exposes our trainees to remedial therapy and various aspects of it. We prepare the trainees to identify various types of learning difficulties faced by children, layout intervention plan, plan and execute remedial therapy, guide parents and provide shadow teaching in the classroom.

Objectives of the programme:

The programme aims at:

  • Increasing awareness about Learning Difficulty
  • Empowering trainees to identify students with learning difficulties
  • Enabling trainees to guide parents of children facing learning difficulties
  • Planning and execution of remedial therapy
  • Encouraging effective integration of children with learning difficulties in regular classrooms

Scope of the programme:

On successful completion of the Program, the Trainee Educator will be able to

  • Identify learning difficulties in children
  • Guide parents of children facing learning difficulties
  • Plan and execute remedial therapy
  • Become a shadow teacher for a special child thus encouraging effective integration in regular classroom

Eligibility Criteria:

  • D. Ed./B. Ed./ECCEd.
  • Graduation in any stream
  • Proficiency in English Language

We invite applications from aspiring candidates for the new batch commencing in August.