Our Faculty

"Good knowledge is a man's biggest asset, which comes only from right teaching"

Our vision in D.G.K.I.S is to empower our teachers with skills, beliefs and attitudes that will allow them to be effective facilitators of knowledge and values.'

The role of a teacher extends well beyond classroom instruction as it has been our conscious effort to provide a conducive atmosphere in school so that coming to school is like home-coming for our children. Hence, along with extensive, real-world experience, we ensure that our teachers have the pre-requisite quality of being compassionate.

Every possible care is taken to ensure that our teaching staff is of the highest possible quality. Our teachers believe in our philosophy that education does not mean providing answers. It means equipping the pupil with the means to find the answers for themselves. This defines their classroom interaction.

D. G. Khetan International School is a family where ….

  • teachers undergo training workshops at the beginning of the year with hands-on activity emphasizing on the collaborative learning style.
  • teachers keep upgrading their skills by participating in various training workshops and seminars across India.
  • An open-door policy is maintained where creative ideas and efforts by teachers are acknowledged, appreciated and absorbed.
  • The intellectual, social, emotional and adversity quotient of every teacher is taken care of to ensure their professional longevity and productivity.