D. G. Khetan International School

Dwarkibai Gangadhar Khetan International School is the first project of Nav Chetna Charitable Trust and has been modeled along the lines of ancient Indian values which are based on the pure, sanctified and compassionate relationship between Guru and Shishya. We believe that our children must avail of new opportunities without losing their moral, cultural and ethical moorings.

We aspire to develop socially conscious citizens of tomorrow who will provide leadership in all walks of life.

Our Mission
Shaping Indian souls with a Global vision.

We Believe

  • In our tradition and heritage.
  • Next to family, the school has a special responsibility in developing attitudes and skills in children that would help them become confident and motivated individuals.
  • In developing sensitivity towards human issues and environmental concerns.
  • In learning by inquiry and exploring experience, rather than by rote memorization.
  • In mastering technology by harnessing it for every day application.
  • In creating an institution of excellence that integrates knowledge and learning in a continuous process.