Special Education Cell

Our Special Education Cell is especially designed to meet the unique needs of children with difficulties in learning. We aim at effective integration of children with special needs in regular classrooms.

At D.G. Khetan International School, we provide variety of special education services. We train our teacher to identify children with special needs in their classroom and provide modified instructions to them. The classrooms are made supportive of special needs and the assessments are differentiated on the basis of unique requirement of the child.

We provide counseling services to cope up with behavioural and emotional problems faced by students and their parents. Our counselors be a guide to the parents and teachers who are dealing with children with difficulties in learning. They provide their support during identification, assessment as well as intervention process. Our team of counselors conduct workshops for children, parents and teachers on various topics of parenting skills, study skills, communication, dealing with hyperactivity, Behaviour modification, etc. They empower the parent/family and the teachers to facilitate learning of these children.

We provide Remedial Therapy to children who are facing challenges in learning to read and write. Remedial Therapy aims at building on the skill deficits through specialized instructional methods and materials. It directly influences child's school performance. Therapy is carried out in the school after school hours.